Transportation of cars by railways

UAB “EUROFIRE“ has been established in the year 2004. We are in a perfect geographical position – at the crossroads of huge Eastern and Western markets. Lithuania is the hub of transportation which connects sea, land, and railway roads from East and West. The country is crossed by two international transport corridors and their branches.

"EUROFIRE" activities comprise the transportation of light vehicles, cargo vehicles, buses, microbuses, special technology, automobile parts by means of railway cars and containers, and also the provision of special “automobile carrying” cars for the technical routes (client cargos).

We organize the export, import, and transit transportation from EU, USA, Lithuania through company terminals in Lithuania to Central Asia, Russia, and other CIS countries by various types of railway cars (containers, covered cars, special cars, semicars, cisterns, etc.)

We transport the cargo with auto-transport from Europe top Lithuania with a reloading in terminals to the cars for further sending off to CIS countries, Central Asia, and vice versa meaning both the order and direction.
We use multimodal cargo transportation by means of railway and ferries in the sea ports of Baltic States.
At the moment we have our own wagons park, wagons carrying automobiles, covered, insulated, and simple wagons

Cooperate with us!
A wide range of service is one of our main advantages in the company. When we are thinking about a client, we provide the best logistical solutions, conserve your time and guarantee the highest quality of service. 

We offer our services:

  • We transport from Lithuania, EU, USA (and other countries) to Central Asia, Russia and other CIS countries and vice versa:
  • Transportation of light vehicles by special “automobile carrying” cars, 20 and 40 feet containers.
  • Transportation of automobiles, buses, microbuses and other special technology by railway platforms.
  • Transportation of cargo automobiles, bus, microbuses and other special technology by 250 m3 CMGV (with back doors) covered cars.
  • Transportation of light vehicles, cargo automobiles, buses, microbuses and other special technology by auto-carriers (auto-transport) from EU to Baltic, Central Asia, Russia and other CIS countries.
  • Provision of specials “automobile carrying” cars, railway platforms, 250 m3 CMGV (with back doors) covered cars for client’s cargo and technical routes.
  • Provision of special “car carrying” cars, railway platforms, 250 m3 CMGV (with back doors) covered cars for rental.
  • Transportation of new and used automobile parts with covered 120 m3, 138 m3, 150 m3, 158 m3, 250 m3 CMGV cars, 20 and 40 feet railway containers.
  • Cargo reloading, document processing in storages in Lithuania.
  • Processing of import-export documents.
  • Reception of cargo from third parties and reloading in Klaipeda sea port or other customs terminals into the railway cars or auto-transport.

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JSC "Eurofire"
Registration code 300036259
VAT code LT100001392918

Main office
Saltoniškių str. 10a, Vilnius, LT-08105
Phone: +370 5 2081152
Fax: +370 5 2138104

Kaunas terminal
Neveron village Kaunas district
Phone: +370 671 88333

Marijampolė terminals
Gamyklų str. 1, Marijampolė, LT-68108
Phone: +370 677 84381
Transport department:

+370 600 02130